Tree pruning

What is Tree Pruning?

Pruning trees is an important service that includes many elements: trimming, shaping, cutting back and weight reduction. Pruning is essential for a tree’s health. To remove excess weight, dead branches and leaves are removed. This clears the way to new growth.

Why is tree pruning important?

Pruning is an important way to reduce risk and improve the tree’s health. Pruning prevents trees becoming unbalanced by removing excess branches. This method of evenly spreading the tree’s weight reduces the chance of a branch snapping or the entire tree being destroyed by a storm.

Our Processing Method

Regular pruning is necessary for all trees to remain healthy, safe, and beautiful. Hedge trees and other types of trees may need to be pruned twice a year. For large mature trees, pruning may be required only once every two years to maintain their canopy and long limbs. To determine if your tree is in need of a pruning, consult a qualified arborist.

Pruning a tree is a complicated process. It depends on its species, size, condition, location, and other hazards. Our team can quickly and efficiently trim small hedges and trees using the essential tools such as secateurs, handsaws, hedge trimmers, and ladders to shape and remove excess weight.

Large trees require more care and safety considerations. A team of three to four people is usually required to ensure that there are a climber, ground crew and an emergency backup climber.

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