Tree Felling

Tree Felling

Our tree-felling services are fast, safe and affordable. We connect local communities with qualified, experienced arborists to ensure trees are healthy and residents remain safe. Our tree service specialists can handle any job, no matter how difficult or large. Our loppers are equipped with the most advanced industry machinery and equipment. They can safely and quickly remove large trees, those that have limited access, and trees close to dangers like traffic or power lines.

We are committed to providing the best customer service possible. Every year, our list of satisfied returning customers grows. Our business is as much about people and trees as it is about the people who use it. We now offer more ways to contact us than ever before. Our online form allows you to contact us 24 hours a day. To discuss any tree service, you can reach out to our customer service team at 131 546.

Why remove a tree?

There are many reasons why you might need to have a tree removed from your property. When assessing the safety of your tree, the most important factor to consider is its condition. As trees age, their structural integrity gradually deteriorates. This can lead to the tree’s safety and stability being compromised. The tree can fall or lose branches, posing a danger to your home, your family, and the community. The age of the tree isn’t the only factor that can cause structural damage. Disease, damage, and poor care are all possible factors. For your safety, it is crucial that you consult a qualified arborist if your tree has started to fall due to any of these factors.

Sustainable Tree Felling

Safety is a top priority but it is not the only reason you should remove a tree. Tree removal is an essential part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem. If a tree is in poor health, it can drain your garden’s resources. If you allow the tree to become unhealthy, it can cause soil nutrients and moisture to be diverted away from healthy plants and trees. Tree felling encourages a healthy ecosystem by removing trees that are dangerous, unhealthy or harmful to the environment.

Stump Grinding Service:
Tree Felling

Residents and homeowners can also be affected by trees because of their growing root system. Tree roots can cause problems for homeowners and residents by consuming resources from the soil. They can also interfere with plumbing systems, pavement, and pathways. Cracks in garden walls and paths are a sign that a root system is out of control. To get the best results, remove the stump. We will discuss in the next section how our tree-felling process ensures safe, efficient, and thorough stump and tree removal.

#Step Processing

Our Tree Felling Process
Tree removal refers to the act of removing a tree from a site and cutting it down (tree felling). However, the scope of our work is much more extensive than that. Our tree removal service includes everything, from the initial consultation and free quote, to the final cleanup of your property and transporting any green waste. You can also choose to have the stump ground in order to get rid of the root system and troublesome stump.

Step 1 – Get a no-obligation quote
We will respond within 24 hours to your inquiry via our online form or by phone. All of our tree services come with no obligation and all quotes are free. We will discuss with you the costs of tree felling before you make your decision. After you accept the quote, we will complete the job within a week.

Step 2 – Safety inspection on site
All of our crews arrive on time, dressed in uniform, equipped with the proper tools, and ready to start work. A safety inspection is the most important step in preparing for the felling of a tree. Our guys can assess the area and determine the best way to remove the tree. We also identify hazards that need to be considered. You should be aware of potential hazards such as traffic, power lines, restricted or uneven terrain, and nearby traffic.

Step 3 – Tree Climbing
After the crew has assessed the area and devised a safe removal strategy, they can get to work. A crew will usually consist of a climber, backup climber, and a ground team for large mature trees. One rope will be used for climbing, and another for lowering branches to the ground crew. The climber will usually bring several tools, depending on the species, size and condition of the tree. After climbing the tree, the climber will move to the top of the tree where they will begin the process of dismembering.

Step 4 – Tree Lopping
To safely remove the tree, you must first remove the top and large branches. This is done to avoid any possible damage to the environment during the felling process. The climber will cut large branches as they navigate the tree and attach them to the rope that will be brought down to the ground crew. As they work from the top, climbers will cut down branches and other parts of the tree trunk with their chainsaw.

Step 5 – Falling
The tree’s size and its surroundings will determine the actual process of felling. Once the major branches are removed, the crew will make a cut to the tree in order to bring it down. Before any tree felling is done, our crew makes sure to evaluate the tree’s size, wind direction, and other factors that could affect it.

Step 6 – Wood Chipping
The team will then use a chainsaw on the ground to cut the tree into small- to medium-sized pieces. The wood chipper can then be used to reduce the pieces into wood chip mulch, which can be used in other gardening services.

Step 7 – Stump grinding
Our arborists will tell you to remove any stumps that are left after you have cut down trees to avoid future problems. Combining stump grinding and felling services can be more economical than each one individually. An industrial stump grinder is the main piece of equipment. This machine will reduce the stump to below the ground, killing the root system and allowing you to have more space.

Step 8 – Green waste disposal
Fair prices and good service are important to us. We will transport and dispose of any green waste we produce through stump grinding, pruning, chipping, or wood chipping. If you have any green waste you require assistance with, we also offer this service as an independent service. For more information on this service, please contact us by phone or via our website.

Step 9 – Clean the area
We believe in giving you the best experience, from start to finish. Our tree services include a thorough clean-up to make sure your property looks great.

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