Tree Bracing

Tree Bracing

Trustworthy tree services Our extensive knowledge covers all aspects of horticulture. Our tree climbers and arborists are qualified to perform tree clearances at construction sites. They can also provide arborist reports for local councils.

We can also trim tree branches close to service wires, place possum tree bands, cable bracing, and map out preventative tree-care plans.

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Fully insured with public liability coverage
Expertise in tree care solutions

Old cable bracing involves drilling into the tree's trunk. This is a temporary solution that weakens trees and causes damage to the trunk. Cable braces like the Yale Brace (which weighs in at 2, 4, and 8 tonnes) provide long-term support for trees. They are non-invasive and do not cause any tree damage.

If a tree develops a poor branching pattern or its limb structures are split or cracked, it may need a branch support system. Tree species that produce large amounts of fruit and flowers can lead to structural problems. Sometimes strong storms can cause damage to branches or snap them.

It may seem tempting, but it could do more harm than good to the tree. Professional arborists are qualified and have the knowledge and skills to do the job. Our Tree Service team adheres to all OH&S standards and has full public liability insurance so that we can safely operate.

You can prevent future problems that could weaken your tree's limbs by investing in preventative maintenance management. We can provide comprehensive advice and create a tree management plan on your site, so that you are aware of what services you will need in the future.

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