Stump Grinding

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding involves the removal of the stump from a tree and the creation of small, usable wood chips. This process kills the root system and destroys the stump. A stump grinder is a powerful machine. It uses a rotating disc with sharp, tungsten teeth that grinds the stump into a mulch. Once a tree is removed, a stump grinder is used by a tree surgeon to remove the stump and create space for new saplings.

Why should you Stump Grind?

An arborist will tell you stump grinding is an important part of tree removal. Stumps are still connected to the tree’s root system. They can survive even after the tree is cut down. Because they are connected to the root ball of a tree, it is often necessary to excavate a larger hole than the circumference. This can be costly and potentially dangerous for your garden. Stump grinding is much simpler and cheaper, as well as being better for your garden.

Our Process

Premium mulch will be used for filling the stump hole, making it a great place to plant new trees, vegetation, or use the land.
The property is left in better shape than when it began, thanks to a thorough cleanup

Stump Grinding – Featured Project Busselton WA
Recently, our team completed a job. Three dead Banksia Trees had been cut into sections and removed from the site. To finish the job, the stump grinder was brought in.

The machine’s tracks make it adaptable to all terrain. It can easily cross both grassy slopes and flat ground.
The machine can be controlled by one operator. The machine was able to quickly grind the stumps down to wood chips in less than 45 minutes. The stump grinding and cleanup cost approximately $300.

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