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Our Tree Services include tree pruning, stump grinding and land clearing. We also offer tree maintenance & removal, tree maintenance & removal, arborist reports, sawmilling and 24 hour emergency services.

All our quotes are free. Call us at any time to get a quote on your tree requirements.

When you have a contractor working on your job, it is crucial to ensure that they are covered by the right insurance. Uninsured contractors will not be covered for damage to your property and injury to people.

Our Tree Services offer $10m Public Liability Insurance that covers you, your neighbours and injuries to people in the event of damage. Our workers also have Workers Compensation Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Unqualified contractors may cause major damage to your tree and property, as well as injury to others.

Yes, we can do the job if you are not home. Customers are comfortable allowing us to complete work in their absence because they know that we will do the job efficiently and leave the area tidy.

We remove all cutting material from your property, unless requested by the client. We recycle and put our green waste, residuals, and solid wood to best use in order to help the local community.

Yes, we can. Our Arborists team is fully qualified and experienced in Arboriculture. They can provide advice on any tree issues.

Crown lifting refers to the selective removal of lower branches from a tree's crown in order to increase the distance between its base and the ground.

Deadwooding is essential for trees' health. It involves removing dead branches at a specific location and diameter.
Deadwood can be a food source for pests and diseases if it is not removed from trees. Deadwood can also pose a danger to property and people.

Stump grinding is an economical and environmentally friendly method of tree stump removal. It is also important for many reasons.
Stumps can be dangerous and provide habitat for termite colonies as well as fungal pathogen hosts. They may also infect live trees. They can also be unsightly and occupy valuable garden space.

Thinning involves crown clearing and selectively removing branches. This will increase light penetration and air movement throughout the crown. The increased light and air stimulation of the interior foliage helps to maintain branch strength and taper. Thinning can also reduce wind effects and the weight of large limbs.

An Arborist is someone who works in the field of arboriculture.ProfessionalIn the practice ofArboricultureThe is theCultureManagement, study, and management of individualsTrees?Shrubs?VineOtherPerennial Woody plants.

Pruning is necessary when there are dying, diseased or dead branches in a tree. These diseased, dead or dying branches can affect the tree's health and cause instability.

Tree work requirements vary between councils. Our Tree Services has links to various councils that outline different tree and vegetation requirements.
If a council has issued a Tree Preservation Order, the owner must obtain a permit before any work on the trees can be done.

Every tree is different and each site has its own unique environment. Each tree is evaluated by qualified arborists based on its individual merits. Our arborists are able to help you with any tree problem by visiting your property and providing advice. If required, tree reports can be customized to meet your requirements. Cost of a tree report depends on how many trees are needed, what issues need to be reported on, how much information is required, whether there has been any liaison with architects/builders in order to create design solutions, and other variables.

Call our office to discuss your tree problems and receive a more accurate quote for our work.

Depending on the situation, it may be possible to trim trees that are growing above your property's boundary. The law gives you the right to abate branches that are overhanging trees. There are exceptions: If the tree is a regulated or significant tree. It may be considered joint ownership if the tree is located on the boundary. In this case, the tree owners will need to agree on any pruning or other management. Contact our office if you have any questions about these matters. One of our certified arborists can help you.

To have a significant or regulated tree removed, you must file a Development Application Form with your local Council. (Council fees apply).

Council will send an arborist to evaluate your application if you have a regulated or protected tree. A tree report may not be required.

You must provide council with a certified arborist's tree report if you have a large tree. This is your responsibility.

Our arborists can prune many trees, including fruit trees and vines. Our arborists can formatively prune your trees to ensure they are structurally sound for the future.

Our Tree service employs a variety of trucks to deliver leaf mulch to clients who have been placed on our waiting list. In some cases, we may be able arrange mulch delivery on a shorter notice. For more information, please contact our office.

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