Council Tree Service

Council Tree Service

Council Tree Works Busselton WA
Arborists in the community are responsible for council works. Tree Surgeons can help reduce risks to trees in your community by using their skills, tools, and training. Council Works can take many forms but often involve the removal or pruning of trees close to power lines. Additionally, arborists are responsible for the cleanup after storms.

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Our Process

Our Tree Service team can assist you with:

Ensuring that all laws of the state and local governments are respected in relation to power line clearance zones, fire risk and pruning standards
Support with recommendations regarding proper care, maintenance, and removal strategies using scientific Arboricultural Practices.


Things to know!

Council Vegetation

This includes vegetation on council-owned land. This includes trees that are located in public places like parks and street trees.

Waterway and Wetland Vegetation

This law protects all vegetation found in areas designated as waterways or wetlands. These plants are vital to the ecosystem, and require permits almost every time they are removed.

Important Urban Vegetation

This category protects exotic or native trees, which are usually mature and valuable to the area’s history, culture, and landscape. This category includes trees that are designated as’significant landscape trees’. These trees require a permit that is listed on the website of the council.

Important Native Vegetation

The protection of all native vegetation in areas designated by the council as Significant Native Vegetation is provided by those areas. The protection of native vegetation is important for both the survival and enhancement of native fauna and flora. To prune or remove significant native vegetation, you must obtain a permit from your council.

We can help you decide if you require aproval.

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