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It’s easy to get an arborist report. Our network of tree care professionals across Australia can quickly connect you to a qualified arborist. We can help you streamline the process, whether you require an arborist report for a council permit to remove trees or a planning permit to build your next project.

Our tree crews are qualified and experienced to provide comprehensive tree reports, professional arborist reports and bushfire management plans. You have more options than ever to contact us with our 24/7 online quote request form and the call center that is open seven days a semaine. Get a free quote from our arborists today by contacting us.

What is an Arborist Report?

An arborist report describes the details of a tree’s health, value, and hazards. A professional tree inspection report can be used for many purposes. An arborist report provides an official, verified analysis of the tree’s type and condition for planning, construction, and land management. Councils can use arborist reports to decide whether or not to grant tree removal permits. They are also used by councils to help them draft tree protection laws and determine the best way to manage council land.

Although arborist reports may vary in length and detail, they will contain the following information:


Tree inspection vs Arborist Report

While these terms might sound similar, there are important differences. An arborist report is the gold standard for official tree reports documents. It can be used in council applications, building permits, tree-removal requests, and other official processes. However, a tree inspection is a more affordable alternative. It involves the inspection and analysis of trees, but does not include an official report. This is a great option for those who want their trees evaluated without the need to have additional documentation.

Cost of an arborist report will vary depending on many factors such as the purpose of the report, and the information needed. Arborist reports generally cost $300 to $500 per tree. Discounts are available for multiple trees being evaluated at once.

There are many reasons why an arborist report is required. They can differ between cities, states and local councils. Most arborist reports are required for building permits, local council permit applications and tree management plans.

You will need to apply for a permit to the council to trim the tree canopy or to remove it completely. Many local councils have strict tree protection laws and require council permission to do any significant tree work. An arborist tree report is one of the requirements for these applications. This information allows the council make an informed decision about whether or not the works are possible in accordance with its tree management strategy.

To get a building permit you must have your plans approved by the council. Permits for construction must be accompanied with arborists reports, just like a permit for tree removal. To ensure there are no potential tree-related risks, qualified arborists must perform a tree assessment on any potential development sites.

Everyone needs assistance taking care of their trees, whether it's the government, the local council, or private residents. Arborist reports can be a great way to start caring for your trees. They provide expert advice, guidance and recommendations on how to best deal with any tree-related problems on your property.

An arborist report is one of the best tree services to analyze the potential of your property. An arborist's reports can help you identify all kinds of problems, including tree roots and planning overlays that could limit your ability to build. A qualified arborist will be able to make recommendations that will help you maximize the value of your property.

Plans for tree management

A Melbourne arborist must first inspect your trees in order to make informed recommendations about tree care. To ensure your trees thrive, it is important to have an arborist inspect them. After an arborist has finished an inspection, they will be able to make recommendations for management strategies that will maximize the value of your trees.

Important aspects of arborist reports

Arborist reports can help you identify which planning overlays may be relevant to your property, and what restrictions they might have on the activities that could take place. These are the most relevant and common overlays that can be used for arborist reports:

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